P   H   O   T   O   G   R   A   P   H   Y

Siobhan Nolan

"The CD arrived on Saturday. I sat and watched the slideshow and cried all the way through it! The photos are more than I could have imagined and I can't tell you how much it touched me to see the moments you captured. The candid shots are truly amazing and I will treasure them. You have an exceptional eye and there are some wonderful shots the whole way through the day. The pictures of the kids are probably the best of all.

To be honest the only complaint I have is that I have no idea how I will pick only 40 for the album!

Thanks for everything - of all the choices we made for our wedding day, choosing you as our photographer was the best thing we did!"

Hannah Donnelly

"Cameron is a true professional, with not only a great eye for photo opportunities, but a great ear for listening to what we did (and didn't) want for our wedding album. He knew our venue so well that he came up with suggestions for photos that I would never have thought of.We weren't forced into any poses that we weren't comfortable with and as a result it's so lovely to look back and know that any laughs and smiles captured were real, not strained.We are truly delighted with our wedding album and would recommend Cameron without hesitation. He is everything we hoped for in a wedding photographer, and more."